Ersée la Fille de THOR

Le Monde des Deux Bleues

In this first novel edited in Québec, Canada, a fast paced thriller combining action, intelligence gathering and science fiction, the author has created a character of the future: Ersée, woman combat pilot of the US Marine Corps. Abandoning her airborne cocoon, she is forced to operate on the ground, infiltrating religious fundamentalist groups and corrupt political circles of the worst genre. Ersée has a past that we gradually uncover. The initials R.C. for Rachel Calhary, combat name Ersée (“R C” in French), are also the initials of Rachel Crazier, pseudo-daughter of John Crazier and her new covert identity. But who is John Crazier? Reputed the most powerful man in the world, his identity is kept so secret that in the year 2019 his very existence is just a rumor. A terrifying rumor…

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