Le Monde des Deux Bleues

Le monde des Deux Bleues

In his second spy thriller, the author once again leads us with the unerring skill of an insider and compels us to look at the world with new eyes. Through the story of the Gorstein family, agents living in Canada and acting for a foreign intelligence service, the reader penetrates a cover-up protected by the highest level of classification. The Gorstein and their daughter Mélodie uncover a secret which is likely to create the biggest political revolution ever to happen on this planet… in 2012. The experience made by Francis Caspary in 1969-70 when he was still a 14 year teenager is classified at the highest level of classification in France and USA notably. Francis Caspary is what the ufologists call a “Contactee”, a person having entered in direct contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence . Francis has been “invited” and not “abducted” by extraterrestrial aliens, through the true “STAR GATE” that they use as one of their means to travel in our universe. They call themselves “time voyagers” and not “astronauts”. Some of them notably were wearing long coats with hoods like Christian monks. They offered to Francis a new future, a new life changing the events horizon if he would accept to accomplish a mission for them. He accepted. His memory was erased on the way back in the “star gate”, to protect him and to prevent the information to fall in fascist and other alien hands manipulating the deception for more than one century now (!) After the events of the 9/11 that were anticipated 30 years before they happened, his past memory of this extraordinary experience started to emerge, containing the codes to decipher the information about the right potential future : 2012 and AFTER. All the books written by Francis Caspary form a part of the mission: to tell you the TRUTH through novels where elements of pure imagination are mixed and merged with authentic State secrets, to create a fiction story. In the following novel continuing the Monde des Deux Bleues (M2B), the Secret of the First Element (le Secret du Premier Elément), the author carries you the message that he has been mandated to tell you: “WE OPPOSE DECEPTION”. This message addresses to human beings and aliens. It is the same statement than the one made by the EBEN of Zeta Reticuli in the Crop Circle of Crabwood that was sent on the Assumption Day of 2002, and following the crop circle of Chibolton in August 2001, a few weeks before the September 11th. Caporal Armando Valdes met the same aliens in 1977 and informed the US authorities who eventually identified Francis in 1985, his close connection with the PROJECT SERPO; this in collaboration with the French Authorities. The natural father of Francis is named JEAN, in American JACK (as JF Kennedy). Therefore, Francis is the true JACK SON, as referred in the movie 2012, and in Star Gate SG1 on the Atlantis space base. Keep in mind: a signal is not a threat, but a warning. YOU HAVE BEEN NOTICED.

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